Monitoritng and Evaluation (M&E) Consultant

Euromed Feminist Initiative (EFI) is a policy network encompassing women’s rights organizations from the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea that provides expertise in the field of gender equality and advocates for women’s universal human rights as inseparable from democracy building and citizenship, for political solutions to all conflicts, and for the right of people to self-determination. EFI Headquarters are in Paris, with offices in Amman, Beirut and Erbil.
Starting September 1st, a Consortia led by EuroMed Feminist Initiative (IFE-EFI) has been implementing a multi-country project “Strengthening access to protection, participation and services for women refugees, IDPs and host communities”, funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis – “MADAD” Fund.
In Lebanon, the project is implemented in Lebanon with Care International Lebanon, Legal Action (LA) and Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL); in Iraq with Baghdad Women’s Association (BWA) and Women Empowerment Organizations (WEO), and in Jordan with Business Development Centre (BDC) and Tamkeen.

Overview of the Project
The Overall Objective of this multi-country project is to improve the livelihood, agency and legal and social protection for Syrian women refugees, IDPs and women in host communities in Lebanon, Iraq / KR-I and Jordan.
The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Security and resilience for Syrian women refugees, IDPs and women from host communities in Lebanon and Iraq/KR-I is enhanced through supporting and coordinating comprehensive and structured services and referral mechanisms;
  2. Gender sensitive approach is promoted among national institutions, policy frameworks and legislation are more gender sensitive towards enhancing gender equality and empowerment;
  3. Improved livelihood of women Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan and contribution made to eliminating practical, social, cultural and legal barriers to their employment

There are seven expected results:
R 1. Women have greater and safer access to comprehensive multi-sectoral services - legal, psychosocial, SRR, GBV related services;
R 2. Syrian women refugees and women in host communities are empowered with better knowledge of their rights and access to protection;
R 3. Institutional capacity, awareness and cooperation are enhanced to mainstream gender in national policies and address discriminatory legislation;
R 4. Public awareness and support are strengthened for women’s rights, zero tolerance on GBV, and for change of discriminative legislation;
R 5. Syrian women refugees and women in host communities are empowered with better skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the labour market;
R 6. Syrian and Jordanian women have greater access to work opportunities within the labour market;
R 7. Women are better aware of their working right and more able to obtain work permits, and get the support from their families and communities;
R 8. Supportive services to women in labour market are improved.

Rationale of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Consultancy

The monitoring and evaluation function aims to ensure that progress and results of the “Strengthening access to protection, participation and services for women refugees, IDPs and host communities” Program are monitored, evaluated and acted upon in a timely, efficient and results-based manner.
For this, the M&E Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of EuroMed Feminist Initiative’s, and in coordination with the Technical Management Unit (TMU) in the three countries. The rules and regulations of the EU Madad Fund shall be followed, in addition to the use of the existing monitoring and evaluation related policies, guidance and tools developed by IFE-EFI.

Scope of work
The M&E consultant is expected to follow up on the implementation of the M&E framework and guidelines for the above mentioned program and provide technical support on all M&E related activities. The M&E consultant will also be responsible for rolling out the M&E system in the three countries in which the program is implemented and ensuring proper implementation of M&E activities by country teams and implementing partners throughout the second year. Moreover, the M&E consultant will be required to provide on-going technical support and quality assurance to ensure that M&E activities and reporting is implemented effectively and efficiently and in a harmonious manner.

M&E Responsibilities

The Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant will perform the following activities:

Monitor and report on progress and results at country and regional level
Track and analyse progress towards agreed outputs of all activity clusters in each country so that they are in line with the program’s country specific and regional monitoring framework.
Summarize progress in a timely and user-friendly manner through agreed upon formats such as briefing notes, background materials or others that are jointly defined with EFI.
Flag potential risks or challenges emerging from monitoring information to the TMU and relevant partners where needed.
Define and communicate required reporting details (timing, format, content, etc.) and provide suggestions for ways to improve tracking of results.
Support in the proper development and finalization of the Quarterly Information Notes (QINs) as per the countries’ log-frames and in line with the EU Madad Fund Logical Framework, and ensure submission as per the assigned deadlines.
Support in the development of the annual and final narrative reports to be submitted to the donor.

Provide monitoring support to M&E teams at a country level
Provide follow-up and technical guidance on RBM and M&E to the country teams and implementing partners.
Support on-going data collection and interpretation of results at country and regional level.
Develop, update and ensure effective use of M&E related guidance documents by program M&E country team members.
Provide support and guidance on monitoring tools, templates and approaches, to the country teams and implementing partners, which are in line with EFI’s policies on monitoring and existing tools and templates and following the roles and guidelines of the EU Madad Fund.
Support the country teams in effectively applying the country level results and monitoring framework. This includes providing support on the selection of outputs and indicators, and data collection tools.
Provide additional technical support for country teams if necessary, such as coaching, mentoring and access to resources (where possible).
Work with the TMU to ensure that the program partners are aligned in terms of the program objectives and scope and encourage synergies.

Document good practices and lessons learned at country and regional level
Develop reports on lessons learned and best practices to be disseminated to relevant partners/stakeholders to inform on progress and impact.

Oversee and ensure the quality of final multi-country evaluation as well as other program related research
Provide oversight and quality assurance on the program’s final external evaluation and other program-related research.
Promote monitoring and evaluation standards, provide technical advice in the design and implementation of the evaluation, and ensure that it is gender mainstreamed.
Provide advice on adjusting the program’s log-frame if needed.

Support in reviewing the documents/publications produced in the framework of the program.
Provide advice on the financial control and budget follow up of the program if needed.
Undertake other M&E related assignments, which may be relevant to the program

Management and Monitoring
While the consultancy will be carried out externally to ensure objectivity and impartiality, it relies on the collaboration of staff from EFI and partner organisations, which are familiar with the project details and the context in which it is undertaken. This approach aims to ensure that the M&E consultant works in line with quality and standards of the EU Madad Fund, EFI and partners and is able to improve M&E process throughout the project timeframe, while respecting the principles of impartiality and independence.
The TMU comprises of EFI’s country manager in each country along with the project managers and financial officers of the consortium members follow up with the M&E consultant. They are :
Supporting the M&E process to ensure it is carried out according to plan.
Facilitating data collection activities and coordinating with partners and other relevant stakeholders.
Facilitating access to all relevant information and key informants.
The Executive Director of EFI supervises the quality of the M&E process.

The consultant should be a senior professional with an advanced degree in a relevant field and a minimum of 5 -10 years of experience. The candidate should bring to the position:
Master's degree, preferably in women’s studies, social sciences or other relevant fields.
Experience in designing tools and strategies for data collection, analysis and production of reports.
At least 5 years’ experience in conducting M&E work in gender and human-rights based interventions.
Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation approaches and experience in designing, developing and implementing M&E systems especially for multi-country projects and programs
Good understanding of results-based management.
Ability to produce well-written reports that demonstrate excellent analytical and communication skills from the perspective of women’s rights as universal human rights.
A strong team leadership and management track record with demonstrated ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team environment.
Ability to work with the organization and with other stakeholders to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product in a timely manner.
Ability to work on different assignments simultaneously in order to meet assignments’ timelines.
A full understanding of security related issues and approaches with regards to collecting sensitive information from project beneficiaries and stakeholders.
Regional/Country experience and knowledge especially on the situation of women’s rights, violence against women and conflict.
Excellent command of English and Arabic is mandatory.


Consultants meeting the above criteria are invited to submit a proposal by email to not later than 15th September 2019. Reference should be given to the title of the position “M&E Consultant” in the subject of the email.
Proposals should include the following:
CV of the consultant outlining previous experience in monitoring and evaluation of professional development; and
A cover letter outlining the suggested approach, timeframe and budget, with justified daily rate.

The duration of this consultancy is 100 days per year. The expected starting date is 1st of October 2019 and ending on the 31st of August 2020.

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