Gender Regional Platform Policy Recommendations

09 Mar 2017

The gender regional platform was first implemented in December 2015 by Euromed Feminist Initiative with the support of the EU. This process aims to contextualize the implementation of the UfM Ministerial Conclusions on women's rights (Paris 2013) in the on-going challenges in the region, to enhance regional cross sector co-operation through policy dialogue as well as exchange of best practices with existing networks and stakeholders in the Southern Neighborhood, namely in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

This process involved over 600 representatives from women’s rights CSOs, CBOs, gender experts, academics and researchers came together, and decision makers and legislators in seven national and two regional dialogues to analyze the changing context since the last Paris Ministerial Conference 2013, to discuss gender equality policy making and agree on national and regional priorities in the current context, in order to prepare concrete policy recommendations to the upcoming 4th UfM Ministerial Conference in 2017.

The accumulated recommendations are responsive to local realities, while addressing common regional challenges. The interconnected nature of fundamental rights means that the whole society benefits from advancement in the area of gender equality. 

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