Improving Gender Equality and Democratic Governance in Jordan

23 Mar 2016

Euromed Feminist Initiative IFE–EFI is working on a one year project titled “Improving Gender Equality and Democratic Governance in Jordan” under the program of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs (MOPPA) “Support to Democratic Governance in Jordan”. Funded by the EU, it aims to raise awareness of the Ministerial Conclusions which took place in 2013, Paris.

The project consists of three interdependent phases, of which the study is the first part. It strives to offer better knowledge of the perception, role, and impact of the Ministerial Conclusions in Jordan. It also provides an up-to-date overview of the status of women’s rights in Jordan and elaborates on policy recommendations in the context of the upcoming 4th Ministerial Conference planned for 2016. The study consists of three parts namely, a desk study, quantitative, and qualitative analyses.

In the second phase of the project six workshops are carried out targeting women’s CBO representatives, and political and public figures. The workshops cover all governorates and provide a platform for the discussion of the study and Jordan’s leading role in heading the Euro-Med Ministerial Conference. Its conclusions are treated as a political document used to improve the status of women’s rights in Jordan. Following are roundtable discussions between a number of the participants in the workshops and decision-makers of respective governorates. The focus is on voicing opinion about mechanisms that Jordan can use in the implementation of ratified international conventions.

From the workshop in Ma'an governerate, 12 Dec 2015


Jerash workshop, 9 Nov 2015

The conclusions of the study can be summarized as follows:

  • Gender sensitive education and awareness raising for women and men are crucial to counteract the negative impact of culture and traditions on women’s rights.
  • Annulment and amendments of discriminative laws must be made. 
  • Mainstreaming gender equality on a ministerial level should be done by the creation of an operational mechanism.
  • Governmental measures supporting meaningful participation and role of women in all spheres of public life should become a priority.
  • Promotion of women’s leadership is a necessity to support women’s access to decision-making spheres.
  • Dialogue between decision-makers, opinion leaders and women’s rights organizations is key to developing a society where women and men are of equal worth.
  • Raising awareness of the Ministerial Conclusions is a major asset for women’s rights not only in Jordan but also in the whole region.
  • Jordan can and should strengthen its leading role in the Euro-Med Ministerial Process.

View full study here

In the third phase a national round table will be held at MOPPA  in addition to a discussion in the Parliament. In it, all the participating CBOs, public figures, and decision makers have the unique opportunity to strengthen a discourse and develop a national action supportive of democracy reform, inclusive of gender equality and women's participation.


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