Meeting with the Prime Minister Advisor for National Reconciliation Affairs, Iraq, July 2017

25 Jul 2017
fuad Maasom, Mohammed Salman al-Saadi, Fuad Masum, nap1325

Ms. Boriana Jonsson, the Executive Director of Euromed Feminist Initiative and representatives from the Alliance 1325 met Mr. Mohammed Salman al-Saadi, the Advisor of the Iraqi Prime Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs on 24th of July, 2017 in Baghdad to discuss the implementation of the Iraqi National Action Plan (NAP) on the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on women, peace and security. On 25th July, Ms. Jonsson had a meeting with the Coordination of the Cross-Sector Task Force (CSTF) 1325 at the President Office Baghdad with the financial support of the British Embassy in Baghdad., during which they also updated the President, Mr. Fuad Masum, on the implementation of the NAP1325. 

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From left: Mr Kenani, Ms. Waylet Georges, Ms. Intisar Hasan, Ms. Suzan Aref, Dr. Ibtisam Aziz, Mr. Fuad Masum, Ms Boriana Jonsson, Ms. Amal Jalal, Mr. Amer Bader, Ms. Hanadi Attieh, Mr. Kasem Yasim, Mr. Jamal Fayadh