The Meeting of Task Force 1325 on Implementation of National Action Plan for UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, Baghdad - House of Representatives - May 24, 2015

25 Aug 2015
26 May 2015
On 24th May 2015 the Iraqi Task Force for the implementation of NAP1325 held its working session in the Iraqi parliament. The session was supported and opened by the Speaker of the Parliament, Dr. Salim Al-Jubouri, who is the Honorary Chair of the Task Force. Boriana Jonsson, Executive Director Euromed Feminist Initiative participated at the meeting.
Boriana Jonsson, Executive Director Euromed Feminist Initiative with Dr. Saleem Algburi – Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament during the meeting
Dr. Saleem Al-Jubouri gave a statement indicating that Iraqi is the first country in the MENA region to develop special strategies and the NAP to implement UNSCR 1325 on women, peace and security, stressing the importance of the meeting to discuss mechanisms for implementing the NAP in the light of the challenges faced by Iraq and the increasing violations, forced displacement and violations of women's rights.
Mr. Juboori called on the government and the international community to contribute actively in the implementation of the national plan and to protect and support women. He reiterated his commitment to strengthen the work of the Task Force and urged the House of Representatives to follow up and support the implementation of the plan through government institutions and offer more support to Iraqi women in different social, economical, cultural and scientific spheres. He also emphasized his endeavor to make Iraqi women decision makers at the local and international levels.
Ms. Suzan Aref, Mr. Mudhir Mujamea, Dr. Saleem Algburi and Dr. Tariq Rasheed
After the opening the Task Force started its working session. The Task Force consists of the ministry of state for women affairs, high council of women affairs, women committee in parliament, advisor of Iraqi president, a number of parliamentarians, 2 representatives from the council of minister (reconciliation committee & security committee), the 1325 Alliance in Iraq, Independent commission of human rights and Euromed Feminist Initiative. Guests to the meeting were representatives from UNAMI and the Dutch Embassy.
During the meeting, the most important challenges were presented that impede the process of the implementation of the plan and the opportunities and support to implement the plan were also mentioned. The 1325 Alliance presented the one year emergency plan in the frame of the NAP that was developed by the Alliance with the Ministry of Women.
Task Force members completed the meeting agreeing on mechanisms to implement the national plan at the levels of:
  • Legislative Authority
  • Executive Authority
  • Judicial Authority
  • Presidency of Iraq
  • Civil Society Organizations
Side of attendance
At the end of the meeting, a press conference was held inside the parliament and the Task Force talked about the importance of the implementation of the national plan, starting with the one year emergency plan, to rapidly respond to women victims of conflict in Iraq and to meet their needs. The meeting was co-sponsored by Hivos, the Netherlands. Read also