SFL Issued its First Research, "In the Core or on the Margin: Syrian Women’s Political Participation"

25 Sep 2017
Syrian women, Syria crisis, gender equality

The Syrian Feminist Lobby issued its first research, "In the Core or on the Margin: Syrian Women’s Political Participation", a research prepared and written by Lama Kannout, coordinator of studies for the Syrian Feminist Lobby, with the support of Euromed Feminist Initiative EFI-IFE within the project “Towards a Democratic Transition in Syria Through an Inclusive Constitution Building Process,” funded by Sweden. The research was presented for the first time on 21-22 November 2016 during the international conference "Women’s Political Participation in Syria" that took place in Paris, France. 

This research tackles the issue of political participation of Syrian women, since the beginning of the revolution in March 2011 until the conclusion of this book’s writing at the end of 2016. It aims to shed light on the backstage of Syrian political elites that have shaped policies and excluded women from closed decision-making circles. It also aims to unveil the gravity of the discriminatory mentality towards women and towards their political participation in certain political environments, which have spearheaded the political struggle against the regime and presented themselves as a democratic alternative.

This research adopts a qualitative research methodology, drawing on interviews conducted with more than forty-five members Syrian political and civil society activists, as well as sixty-nine secondary interviews addressing partial research questions.

The first section of the research discusses the political participation of women during the revolution and its nascent representative structures. The second section highlights the reasons behind undermining Syrian women’s participation in the Syrian political backstage, which is explained along four main axes: Democracy, Stereotypes, Quota, and Violence (legal violence, political violence, and sexual violence). The third section provides recommendations to rectify the imbalance resulting from women’s limited participation.

Click here to download "In the Core or on the Margin: Syrian Women’s Political Participation" Research. 



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