Training workshop of CSTF on Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting on the Implementation of NAP 1325, November 2017, Baghdad            

27 Nov 2017
NAP1325, UNSCR 1325, Iraq, womens rights

A training workshop of CSTF on Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the implementation of NAP 1325 took place on the 27th – 28th November 2017 in hotel Cristal, Baghdad. The main goal of the training was to continue putting together the ministerial teams and continuously building their capacities to enable them achieving their mission, in particular to focus on the preparation of the national report on the implementation of the NAP 1325.

 The main objectives of this training were:

  • Strengthen participants’ knowledge and enhance their skills in monitoring and evaluation basics.
  • Build capacities of the participants to develop reporting about the implementation of the NAP1325.
  • Agree on reporting template to be used by all Ministries members of the Task Force 1325.
  • Strengthen ownership over the implementation of the NAP.

About fifty employees from ministerial teams and Women Empowerment office had been nominated to attend the workshop in order to be prepared for writing their reports on implementation of the NAP 1325. They represented diverse positions in the ministries, having different levels of knowledge and experiences in the field of monitoring, evaluation and reporting, of different age groups and both women and men.

During the first day, the ministerial teams were acquainted with the basic principles of monitoring and evaluation (M&E), definitions, the importance of M&E within the strategy and project cycles, the main standards of M&E, and the differences between monitoring and evaluation. After that they focused on the indicators, its definition, concept, types and how to put indicators. They also got an opportunity to try using the learned methodology to suggest indicators in different components of women protection, followed by a brief discussion about the project outputs, outcomes and impact, and how to put indicators for it. After this, the participants (each ministerial team) were asked to review their role in the Masterplan 1325, trying to illustrate the main results achieved per each objective. After that they were acquainted with designing monitoring and evaluation plan and mechanisms of follow up and reporting, through brain storming and open discussions.

During the second day, the participants examined reporting principles, definitions, types and objectives. Thereafter, they were divided in four groups to draft a design for the report based on the discussions during the two days of the training.  After that, data management, and all its phases was introduced through presentation and open discussion. Finally, allocation of roles was discussed and the teams agreed on the main lines, timings and roles.