Acts of Conference - Electoral Systems and Gender Equality in Democratic Transitions

07 Mar 2019

The International conference Electoral Systems and Gender Equality in Democratic Transitions was organized by the Coalition of Syrian Women for Democracy and EuroMed Feminist Initiative on the 27 -28th February 2018 at the Centre International de Conférences de Genève (CICG), Switzerland. The conference took place in the frame of the program “Towards Sustainable Peace and Democracy in Syria Through Strengthening Civil Society and Women’s Rights” funded by Sweden. 

With the participation of experts in electoral systems, experts in law, women’s rights advocates, and experts in gender equality, this conference served as an interactive and knowledge-grounding space, reflecting the principles of democratic transformation in Syria, the environment that will allow for this transformation to enhance the commitment to gender equality in all processes of democratic transition, to promote the effective political participation of women and to equip them with the knowledge necessary for them to mobilize, advocate, and form alliances, as well as to enable them to learn from the experience of other countries.​