15 تشرين الثاني 2022

EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI) greets and welcomes the adoption on 26th of October 2022 in Madrid by the Ministers of the 42 countries of the Union of the Mediterranean (UfM) of the 5th UfM Ministerial Declaration on Strengthening the Role of Women in Society.

Since the first UfM Ministerial Conference in Istanbul 2006, EuroMed Feminist Initiative has followed up on the implementation of the Ministerial commitments by sustaining a women’s rights organizations-led dialogue between civil society and decision makers. The objective has been to share information and raise public awareness about the UfM Ministerial Process on the one hand, and to mobilize the civil society in the follow up on the implementation of the Ministerial Conclusions and Declarations on the other hand. Through this process, EuroMed Feminist Initiative has shared with UfM Secretariat concrete policy recommendations, operational measures and actions, many of them adopted and included in the four priority areas of the successive Ministerial Declarations, including in the latest 5th Ministerial Declaration.

EuroMed Feminist Initiative appreciates UfM’s Secretariat important role in integrating the civil society in this process, not only by including the recommendations of the EuroMed Feminist Initiative but also by supporting the civil society in the implementation of the Ministerial decisions. 

EuroMed Feminist Initiative reaffirms the role of local and national women’s rights organizations in Euro Mediterranean region in the implementation of the UfM Ministerial Declarations. The ongoing campaign on Zero Tolerance for Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) launched by EFI since 2019 has built on the outcomes of this process and on the recommendations related to combating VAWG and implementing a relevant Women, Peace, and Security Agenda (WPSA), based on common challenges and in the respect of the different national contexts. The Regional Civil Society Observatory (RCSO) was established as an independent mechanism to follow up on the ministerial commitments in combating VAWG, which developed different tools to measure progress made, among which the  2021 Regional Indexes on VAWG and WPSA.

EuroMed Feminist Initiative is committed to continue the dialogue between women’s rights organizations and decision makers in order to promote the 5th Ministerial Declaration and enhance its implementation.


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