Bakhshan Zangana

Secretary General of the High Council of Women, Regional Government of Kurdistan

Address by Ms. Bakhshan Zangana, Secretary General of the High Council of Women, Regional Government of Kurdistan

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Members of the National Group of the National Plan for the Implementation of Resolution 1325,

Honorable guests,

Hello and welcome to all. First of all, I would like to pay a particular tribute to those who took the trouble to travel to attend this meeting. Your presence today in this room reaffirms the strong commitment to implementing the national plan.
This implementation process, which required a great deal of valuable time and effort during the various stages of the plan's development, and despite exceptional and difficult circumstances, led on the one hand the working group to put in place a one-year emergency plan. On the other hand, it led to the establishment of sectoral plans for national institutions, be it in Baghdad or in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Finally, it ensured that the efforts made to develop the national plan in previous years are complemented by an implementation report that will be the fruit of both the collective efforts and the cooperative work of all parties involved.
We are fully aware that the implementation is not yet meeting our expectations and our ambition for many reasons that I can not explain here but will be the subject of a report.
In my opinion, the most important achievement is the cooperation work of ministries and other national institutions with civil society organizations and the labor market and this for a purpose related to the situation of women, so concerning the whole society: to enable them to develop their capacities and offer them opportunities to participate in the building of security and peace in the country.

From experience, I can tell you that there are few cases where official institutions, including military and security institutions, have been interested in a project to improve the fate of women. That's what makes us optimistic and demonstrates that we have taken a decisive step towards the cause of women: they are becoming the cause of the state, of its official and unofficial institutions. This is a major achievement.

Today, we are here to define the general framework of the plan for the next stage, or at least to develop the next stage of work to elaborate the second national plan, building on previous lessons, both in terms of failures and successes, gaps and obstacles, as well as the chances of success for its implementation. I hope that this next step will constitute a progress and that the second plan is implemented under more favorable conditions and at a more advanced level.

I would like to stress here that we, as a government institution in the Kurdistan region, will make every effort to help this outstanding team overcome the difficulties and obstacles because we are tied by a common goal : that of improving the status of women, regardless of their social, political or religious affiliation, without discrimination, by valuing them and offering them opportunities to exercise their abilities and to put them at the service of building security and peace.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to this noble task and once again welcome to Erbil where I wish you a pleasant stay. The elections are held in an excellent atmosphere as in all of Iraq.

Bakhshan Zangana

Secretary General of the High Council of Women in the Regional Government of Kurdistan