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As a policy network of independent organizations sharing the vision of creating an egalitarian, secular and demilitarized world where respect of human rights for women and men is a leading value and practice, Euro-Med Feminist Initiative IFE-EFI aims to provide feminist alternatives to a world dominated by patriarchal structures, military, neo- liberal, neo-colonial and religion based systems, strengthen feminist movement according to own organizational forms and models and contribute to a broader feminist intervention in the fields of political, social and economic life. IFE-EFI aims at ending the marginalization of feminist critique and contributes to creating spaces for common action with the different components of the democratic movement.

Such vision and objectives require enormous cooperation, mutual solidarity and support which is the reason why we welcome any new concerned members to join the network and help fortify the voices of equality, democracy and secularism (Please check IFE-EFI Platform).

If your organization share the values and the commitments of IFE-EFI as stated in the Platform, is concerned with eliminating inequality between women and men and achieving women’s rights as universal human rights, please do not hesitate to become a member by abiding the simple and easy steps herein below:

  1. Download the Membership Form.
  2. Send it and the annexes to

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