Call for an Advocacy Consultant


Scope and Objectives of the Advocacy Campaign

EFI’s and consortium members’ is creating partnerships to facilitate women’s access to labour market.

The Consultant is expected to provide technical support to design, implement and evaluate the development of a local advocacy campaign aiming at holding consultations with targeted private sector companies in close coordination with EFI, BDC and Tamkeen. The direct consultations will focus on influencing the private sector companies and lobby them to establish day-care centres for women. Additionally, the Consultant is expected to provide technical assistance for private sector employers to open day-care centers in their premises or within other agreed models. Article 72 of Jordan’s labour law stipulates the provision of workplace day care centers at factories and companies where more than 20 women are employed with at least 10 total children under the age of four; but this has been scarcely implemented over the last two decades.

The Consultant will jointly plan and conduct a national campaign that aims to organize a one hundred consultations during the project period. It is expected that the consultations will target 200 private sector companies, to push for the establishment of day-care centres.

By the end of the campaign, at least 50 companies will be committed to open day care centres for women.


  1. Organise a planning workshop with Syrian and Jordanian women to develop 15 months advocacy campaign strategy in a participatory approach.
  2. Hold 100 Consultations with 200 private companies in targeted locations facilitating opening day care centres for women to improve supportive environments for women in employment. 
  3. Produce a technical manual to provide advisory support on opening day-care centers to private sector companies.
  4. Submit a final report that reflects the campaign results including planning meetings, campaign design, and consultation meetings with private sector companies.
  5. Insure that the visibility of the campaign is covered and documented through the campaign activities.

Download the pdf document for more info. 



Monday, April 1, 2019 to Thursday, April 25, 2019