Call for a Social Media consultant for a ToT


EFI’s partners will be provided with specialized advanced trainings on communication skills, using social media platforms, community outreach, and building networks and synergies on WR and GE issues including women’s participation in the public sphere and decision making, the WPSA, the implementation of NAP1325, advocacy for amending discriminatory articles in the PSL and penal code, and the promotion of a comprehensive law on the protection from VAWG. These trainings will be replicated to support the spread of gained knowledge and skills.  The ToT will have 15 participants.

Objectives of the consultancy

To offer a one-day training of trainers (ToT) that seeks to improve skills related to gender balance in social media communication products of partners. The goal is to assist partners increase visibility of the plight of women and girls affected by the Syria crisis in a manner that does not compromise human dignity; does not take away their voice; and works in line with internationally recognized humanitarian standards.

Scope of work

The trainer is expected to deliver a one-day ToT (part of a 5-day training session) that will enable participants to gain knowledge on the importance of social media as platforms for advocacy and awareness raising, as well as for increasing visibility of their organization, its mission, vision and achievements.

The training must include the following:

  • A step-by-step explanation of the specific characteristics of each available digital platform as well as the similarities and differences between digital (mainly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, re audiences, ethics, consent, and terms and regulations)
  • Best (and worst) practices for social media posts, including examples of effective content, and how to support that with an impactful image, or other material (infographics, statistics etc.)
  • Do’s and don’ts for organisations on social media, including examples of other prominent organizations.
  • Explain and assist in the application of Search Engine Optimization, as well as other tools that help boost visibility of social media content, per each platform.
  • Providing support and guidance in the designing and implementation of an online social media campaign that will be developed following the training

Downaload Pdf for full information on how to apply.

Friday, July 2, 2021 to Tuesday, July 20, 2021