POLICY BRIEF Regional Civil Society Observatory on VAWG (RCSO) Governmental Programs to Prevent VAWG in the South Mediterranean

15 Dec 2022

The herewith policy brief is intended to highlight the situation of preventive programs in the South Mediterranean countries and provide recommendations to governments on how to improve preventive programming and contribute to achieving the desired change.

For combating Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG), it is very important to focus on the root causes of VAWG through prevention programs that are meant to transform the power dynamics and gender inequalities.

This brief deals with governmental preventive programs that are meant to change the gender stereotypes, people’s awareness towards VAWG and towards blaming perpetrators.

The brief recommends institutionalising prevention measures in the relevant ministries and institutions to combat VAWG, especially Ministries of Health and Education and police. These measures primarily take the form of awareness raising, education, trainings, and community intervention programs.

Laws should be strengthened and effectively implemented to balance power relations between women and men by eliminating discrimination and improving access to decision-making power in all fields. Promoting women’s equal access to education and employment are also key factors that prevent VAWG.