Feminist Policy Forum Statement on the Occupation of Palestine

31 Jul 2018

The Feminist Policy Forum supports the Freedom Flotilla, with an active presence on the boats and from the perspective that gives us the first-hand knowledge of what is happening with the ships of "Women on their way to Gaza, Flotilla de la Libertad ", Blocked and attacked by Israel, wants to manifest the following:

- Our unconditional support for the actions carried out by this flotilla that only seek to make visible the situation of defenselessness and abandonment of Palestine and especially of its women, claiming a territory and a state consistent with UN resolutions since 1948.

- We demand the Spanish state and the European Union to claim Israel, as an occupying country and the countries that support it, lift the blockade and return to Gaza and the rest of Palestine, its territory and the possibility of living in peace and according to the rights of every people.