Launching ABC for Gender Sensitive Legislation Handbook

24 fév 2021
Launching ABC for Gender Sensitive Legislation Handbook

The EuroMed Feminist Initiative is launching the “ABC for Gender Sensitive Legislation”, the second handbook in the series ABC. Following up on the first handbook “ABC for a Gender Sensitive Constitution”, this ABC aims to bring insight, raise awareness, and stimulate debate on the need to mainstream gender perspective in law making and enhance democracy. It strives to be a tool of change and a trusted reference for lawyers, students, human rights activists, and civil society. This event will take place via Zoom on the 24th of February from 10:00-11:00 AM Paris time.

The “ABC for Gender Sensitive Legislation” was produced in the framework of the program “Towards Sustainable Peace and Democracy in Syria Through Strengthening Civil Society and Women’s Rights” funded by Sweden.

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