Common Agenda for Combating Violence Against Women and Girls as a Major Barrier to Women's Participation in Syria

09 déc 2021

The Common Agenda for Combating Violence against Women and Girls as a major barrier to women’s participation in Syria is a tool to advocate for structural access of Syrian women to decision-making on local, national, and international levels. It is also a means to urge for the inclusion of women´s rights in all decision-making and policy agendas linked to political transition towards democracy in Syria. The Common Agenda is also a tool to raise broader awareness about violence against women and girls, its devastating effect on women and how it is used to prevent women from public and political participations.

The Common Agenda was developed through a year-long consultation process with over 250 Syrian activists, gender, and legal experts from over 100 organisations and initiatives, as part of the program "Enhancing women's participation in decision-making and peace-building processes in Syria" funded by the European Union.

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