IFE-EFI Statement on Israel's New Discriminatory Nationality Law

13 Aug 2018

The Israeli Knesset approved on the 9th of July the Nationality Law with the majority stipulating that Israel is the Jewish people homeland. It is stating that the right to self-determination in the Israeli State is merely limited to Jews. It also declares that the emigrants eligible to get the Israeli citizenship are now only Jews.  The law states that Jerusalem is installed as the capital of Israel, Hebrew is the only official language of the State, Arabic is not considered official anymore and the State encourages and legalizes the Jewish settlement throughout Palestine. This will allow Netanyahu’s government to expand the State’s annexation of Palestinian lands in the occupied West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem in a new violation of International Law.

How many more years shall the Palestinians suffer from the brutality of the occupation and the continuous deprivation of their rights? What about the Palestinian fundamental rights recognized by the international community and enshrined through several United Nations Resolutions?  When will Israeli Government impunity finally end?