IWD 2022 - Zero Tolerance for VAWG

To mark the International Women´s Day 2022 (IWD 2022) and in the frame of the campaign “I will not keep silent”, the Syrian Feminist Lobby (SFL), in partnership with EuroMed Feminist Initiative, organised on 9 March 2022 an on-line conferenceNO to VAWG in Syria: From Constitution-building to daily life.
As part of its “Zero Tolerance for VAWG campaign, EuroMed Feminist Initiative joins the women´s rights movement to call on all law makers and political decision makers to take part in ending all forms of VAWG, through ensuring equal access to work and equal payment, equal economic rights, access to property and resources, equal access to political rights and representation, equal access to education, guaranteeing sexual and reproductive rights, strengthening legal protection, providing better medical care and prevention for victims.