Midterm Evaluation

EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI) is a policy network that provides expertise in the field of gender equality, democracy building and citizenship, and advocates for political solutions to all conflicts, and peoples´ rights to self-determination. EFI Headquarters are in Paris, with offices in Amman, Beirut and Erbil.

From 2021, EFI in partnership with Business Development Centre (BDC), and Tamkeen for legal Aid and Human rights are implementing in Jordan a second phase of Madad for Women program, titled “Towards stronger economic participation of women in Jordan” funded by the European Union (EU) Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crises, the “EU Madad Fund”. The overall objective is to “contribute to gender sensitive national and local policy frameworks that are more conducive to women's economic participation”.

Scope of work

It is expected that the evaluator(s) will provide an external and independent midterm evaluation on the progress made toward achieving the impact of the action, and the continued relevance of the program. Moreover, the midterm evaluation will assess the extent to which the specific objectives and expected results were achieved so far, and the likelihood of reaching the targets by the end of the program. The program performance will also be evaluated. It is expected that lessons learned and best practices are drawn from the design, ongoing implementation, and monitoring mechanisms of the program and recommendations provided to guide the implementation of the remaining action. The midterm evaluation will also stipulate whether modification of the program is needed to ensure the achievement of impact and objectives within the lifespan of the program. 

The evaluator(s) will develop a detailed methodology for the midterm evaluation, which will highlight aspects such as the research design, ethical considerations, sampling strategy and data collection in the targeted areas of the program including tools to be used, as well as a strategy in which both primary and secondary data will be analysed. The final report will comprise of both quantitative and qualitative data, which shall reflect the action’s progress in achieving its targets, objectives and progress on the impact.

The midterm evaluation shall cover all aspects of the program’s implementation and the period from April 2021 to November 2022. The midterm evaluation will be conducted between December 15th 2022 and March 15th 2023.

Midterm Evaluation Purpose and Objectives

The midterm evaluation should follow the OECD/DAC criteria. It should assess the relevance, participation, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence impact, sustainability, appropriation/ownership, alignment, coverage and visibility, design and measurability and gender sensitivity of the program and its implementation. It should assess what is working and why, highlight intended and unintended results, and provide strategic lessons and insights to guide the program. Aspects of the program’s performance to be evaluated are:

  1. The consortium partners (EFI, BDC and Tamkeen) effectiveness in terms of progress made towards achieving expected results and objectives, as well as the reached impact. This will include an evaluation of the quality of the activities and their deliverables, measured against the pre-defined indicators, and with particular on the program’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework.
  2. The organizational efficiency and coordination mechanisms in progressing towards the achievement of the program results and objectives.
  3. How the partners have addressed obstacles and challenges and whether they appropriately adjusted the program design, or if modifications are needed on the design including objectives, indicators, and activities and/or logistics and implementation strategies in response to the context dynamics.


Place and deadline for submission of tenders:

Tenders should be submitted in English by email to: application@efi-ife.org  indicating the reference: “Madad Jordan Midterm Evaluation" in the email subject.

The deadline for submission of tenders is 5th August, 2022.

Friday, August 5, 2022