Secularism in our Political Answer to Fundamentalisms and Clericalisms is A Precondition for the Grief and Anger Full Implementation of Women's Rights
Gender equality is part of universal values that imply the principle of secular culture. Secularism is a necessary precondition for women to be able to realize the principle of women's rights as universal human rights and the principle of full citizenship. EuroMed Feminist Initiative believes that the concept of citizenship should reach beyond customs specific to any given culture or religion; family laws must be free from any religious reference; civil marriage and divorce must be the standard and social discrimination against single people and people with same sexual orientation must be considered as discriminatory and punished on this behalf. The respect of culture, tradition and religion cannot justify the violations of women's universal human rights and therefore gender equality education and education against all sexisms must be carried out from early childhood in all of the society's structures. EuroMed Feminist Initiative works in solidarity with feminist secular associations fighting for sexual and reproductive rights in Euro-mediterranean region and in the world and for the right of women to their bodies and their bodily integrity. In order for all people to be able to exercise their right to freedom of personal beliefs, we need a protective secular public space, free of interference of any religion. EuroMed Feminist Initiative supports full non-interference of religious structures in the political sphere as well and their full separation from State matters as a precondition for implementing the rights of women to free and unconditioned participation and implementation of the politics of gender equality.