Partner organisation Musawa opened a new center in Troyes

01 Jul 2018

Musawa opened a new office in Troyes, France. In addition to their projects in Syria and Lebanon, they will start their new projects in France, which include:

 - The empowerment of Syrian refugees in France.

- Psychosocial support for Syrian refugee women in France.

- Gender-sensitive psychosocial support for Syrian refugee children in France.

- Events to introduce Syria and Syrian women.

With the continuation of Musawas' projects in Syria and Lebanon, which include:

  •        Courses to empower young civil activists in gender concepts and the modern civil state.
  •        Workshops about women political participation for women in various areas of Idlib.
  •        Workshops about gender equality and women issues for Syrian refugee women in Lebanon.
  •        Conferences on women rights, gender equality, women empowerment.
  •        Empowerment programs for displaced women within Syria, including: literacy, languages, health awareness, legal education, psychosocial support, handcraft.
  •        Supporting small handicraft projects for displaced women.
  •        Gender sensitive psychosocial support programs for displaced children.
  •        Media project, includes:

              - Participation in interviews and debates in the traditional press, electronic media and social media.

              - Website.

              - Pages on social networking sites.

  •        Participation in international events to support women's issues, protect Syrian women and build peace in Syria.

Their office in Beirut will continue to supervise the organization's activities in Lebanon.

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