Raising Awareness and Empowerment

The patriarchal culture has kept women in subordinate positions in all the spheres of life, from political decision making spheres to family circles. Empowering women and raising awareness of women and men on women’s rights contributes to limiting the power of gender stereotypes that prevent women from participating fully in the social, professional and public life and deprives them from their full citizenship. Marginalization, violence and discrimination committed against women is not a fatality, the feminine nature does not exist but is just a male invention to keep women out of the history.
IFE-EFI focuses on influencing the balance of power in favor of women by ensuring equal participation of women in all decision making spheres, but also by striving to change the mentalities.
  • Organizing, co-organizing and participating in campaigns, conferences, seminars, roundtables as a part of the global feminist movement.
  • Making connections with diverse parts of the democratic and social movements.
  • Strengthening of cooperation between female politicians and feminist movement.
  • Strengthening of cooperation between lobby and grassroots organizations, between academics and practitioners.
  • Contributing to the mobilization and sensibilization of the general public regarding gender equality and women´s rights through feminist popular education.