Report Launching of the 2021 Regional Index on Violence against Women

07 Dec 2022

EuroMed Feminist Initiative is glad to share the report from the conference launching the 2021 Regional Index on VAWG, produced in the frame of the regional program “Combating VAWG in the Southern Mediterranean” funded by the European Union.  

The 2021 Regional Index on VAWG was launched at a regional conference in Amman and discussed the main results, scope and use of the findings on the national and regional policy levels. During 2021 with the support of the regional experts’ group, sub-indicators were established, a scoring methodology was adopted and the scoring of all indicators was achieved with the participation of governments, experts and CSOs in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. The scores are based on the means and tools adopted by the Index countries for combating VAWG, from existing public policies to laws and services.

To remind that the Index contains 49 indicators with divided under 7 categories, which are the thematic framework of the indicators, meaning key criteria for the overview of the situation of VAWG. Through structuring it into seven categories of means required to combat VAWG, the Index highlights and reiterates the magnitude of VAWG problem and the need for the States to approach it comprehensively at the legal, institutional and social levels and to allocate sufficient financial and human resources to this cause.   Over 120 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia including Ministers and Ministerial representatives, Members of Parliaments, representatives from the

UfM and embassies, civil society partners, academia, media, gender and legal experts joined the two days discussions.

The Regional Index is available on the Regional Observatory on VAWG website as a clickable map in which the indicators and information are easily accessible and can be downloaded.

Soon the regional and the national summary reports will be uploaded.