Supporting political transition in Syria through gender-sensitive social reconstruction 

24 Sep 2021

EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI) is implementing the program “Supporting political transition in Syria through gender-sensitive social reconstruction”, funded by the Swedish International Development and Cooperation agency (SIDA). This program aims at contributing to inclusive gender-sensitive peace-building and social reconstruction process in Syria by promoting women’s rights, combatting violence against women and girls (VAWG) and gender discrimination and ensuring women’s role and meaningful participation at all levels of political, social and economic reconstruction in Syria.

The training will be given to 23 selected Syrian Civil Society activists from the 24th till the 27th of September in Turkey.

Outputs include:

Understanding the concepts of results-based management

Understanding Logical Frameworks and Results-based Approaches

Analyzing problems and identifying program outcomes and intervention strategies

Distinguishing between monitoring and evaluation processes

Applying monitoring and evaluation processes including planning, designing the tools, data collection, and reporting

Developing a monitoring and evaluation plan