Interview with Co-president of EFI Lilian Halls-French

Lilian Halls-French

In an interview with Algerian newspaper Liberté, the co-president of EuroMed Feminist Initiative, Lilian Halls-French, addresses the common challenges and obstacles faced by the feminist movement on both sides of the Mediterranean, as well as the way forward for women’s rights in the Euro-Med region.


Training of Trainers on the ABC for a Gender-Sensitive Constitution

Training of Trainers on the ABC for a gender-sensitive constitution

EuroMed Feminist Initiative organized a 5-day training of trainers on the “ABC for a gender-sensitive Constitution” in Beirut, Lebanon. The event gathered 10 Syrian participants, from lawyers, human rights defenders, women rights activists and volunteers working with local communities on women’s rights and on women’s participation in all aspects of public life.