Women in Crisis: Barriers to accessing services during crisis

04 Dec 2020

Women in Lebanon face distinct challenges, bias, discrimination, and abuse in almost all aspects of their lives and in addition to these challenges, the country faces multiple overlapping crises including the Beirut Port Blast, COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis. With little to no governmental aid, and an overall weak social protection, women in Lebanon bear the brunt of the multiple overlapping crises.

Crises, more often than not magnify existing inequalities, whether based on gender, class, age or nationality. For women in particular, this includes being more prone to fall into unemployment, and an increased risk of facing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), including domestic violence. The SGBV Taskforce found in 2019, increased risks of domestic violence, harassment, child marriage and child labour in response to social unrest and economic crisis. These trends will have been exacerbated by covid-19 and the Port Blast.

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